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Computer Engineer — Software & Web Developer — Linux Kernel Developer

I am no longer pursuing new career opportunities. Thank you for your interest!


Welcome to my personal website. I'm a Computer Engineer currently living in Overland Park, KS, USA. I have worked at:

I did my undergraduate study at Vanderbilt University.

Chief among my skills are full-stack JavaScript programming, C/C++/Java programming, web development (including HTML5, REST, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and jQuery), and Linux kernel hacking. I have familiarity with many other languages, including Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, and Bash to new name a few. My other interests are filesystem development, embedded/small electronics, and rocketry. Hobbies include aviation, homebrewing, travel, rocketry, video games, firearms, and linguistics.

Recently, I've been building my web development chops. I did some seriously fun stuff at Fusion and Appistry involving NodeJS, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Underscore, and HTML5. I also had the chance to be involved in designing and implementing a new REST-driven web UI using Jersey on Tomcat. Finally, I've grown leaps and bounds in my Java and Python abilities.

I've interned with IBM and Cerner Corporation, doing Linux kernel hacking (filesystems/BTRFS) and healthcare IT administration, respectively.


I am currently employed full-time by Juristat in Saint Louis. For more information about me, please check out my resume [PDF]. (text-only version)

For your convenience, the LaTeX markup for this resume is available as resume.tex under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Unported License, as indicated by the initial comments in that document.


I prefer e-mail. Mine is You can also feel free to call me at +1-913-777-4BEN. Please be prepared to announce your name to Google Voice and probably leave a voicemail.


Other Stuff

Check out the Vanderbilt University Aerospace Club website at Besides being the webmaster, I was also the president of the club as well as a three-year member. We worked on rocketry and aerospace-related projects in the Vanderbilt Mechanical Engineering department, and I had a lot of fun doing it! Disclaimer: As of May 2011, I am no longer responsible for any content on the Vanderbilt USLI website.

Me wearing a black suit and gold tie Me at Vanderbilt in 2010.